A annoying girl. By Ava SWW

Codie quietly opened the door as he was late. It was his best friends party and he didn’t want anyone to know that he had just arrived. If his best friend found out he wouldn’t be happy so he just partied as if he’d been there for ages. Since multiple people that he knew were there he just spoke to them. Loudly, the door creaked open.

“I’m here!” Shouted Dixie making sure that everyone knew she was there.
Codie sighed. Dixie was his enemy and he was so angry but didn’t say anything. Instead he just walked over to his best friend.

Dixie walked into the house, took herself into the living room, took off her shoes and sat comfortable on the leather sofa with a grin.
“Oh hi Codie nice outfit I love all of the different colours.” She chuckled sarcastically.

Codie’s best friend was not shy like him and he would fight. Codie’s best friend was fed up with Dixie treating Codie awfully. So he kicked Dixie from the party but first he put on his mums leather heled boot and actually kicked him out of the party! Everyone laughed including Codie. Dixie was petrified and ran.

One Response to “A annoying girl. By Ava SWW”

  1. 1.I like the ending where they kick her out!
    2.Why did you not make it longer?
    3.You could have shown how they kicked her out.

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