Cinema by Sebastien SWW


Lucas snuck into room 7 of the Cinema, tip-toed up the stairs and sat down quietly in his seat. He was 5 minutes late so the film had already started. Carefully unzipping his bag, he brought out a small bag of sweets and a bottle of water. Opening the sweet bag, he pulled one out and chewed it. Then he took a sip of water and watched the film.

BANG! The doors to room 7 slammed shut. Dylan strode up the stairs, stamping his feet as he went.
” Sorry I’m late!” he shouted ” I was caught in the queue!” Smirking, he shoved Lucas out the way. Water and sweets flew everywhere.
” Whoops!” he grinned, slumping down on his seat. He groped in his bag and pulled out a giant bag of sweets and and a huge bottle of lemonade. He slurped the lemonade and gobbled the sweets.

Lucas attempted to watch the film, trying to ignore the grunting noises from Dylan. Lucas took in every scene and when something funny happened he just chuckled to himself. Dylan on the other hand, laughed out loud with no awareness of any of the other viewers around him. Dylan was devising his plan in his head.

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  1. When you said about the sweets and water flew everywhere. But was it windy then remember to tell the weather

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