Contrasting Characters Cameron SWW

The clock struck nine twelve minutes ago. Sam creaked the door open, slipping inside he mumbled “Sorry I’m late.” He looked up at the ceiling, admining the pattern of clouds and trees. Mrs Conker’s glasses dropped down to her nose, as her eyes went a pale red. She started the slide show about the history of the celebration of the one hundred and fifty years at Stone with Woodford Church of England primary school.

The door slapped open nearly breaking the door stop. “Sorry I’m late Miss Bonker. Oops I meant Conker.” “Don’t push your luck boy! You’ve been late three times this week. And it’s only wednesday!” A sigh mumbled into the air as Max wrestled his bag, and inserting his hand deeper trying to find a pencil and his doodle notebook. Mrs Conker’s glasses dropped even deeper, to the point where they were practically hanging of her face.

“Well hurry up then. You’ve already wasted enough of my time!” she snapped. Max proudly said in his head, “Have I? Because you’ve already started the slide show” The class chuckled. He was confused until he realised it wasn’t in his head. His cheeks exchanged into a flowerery rose, as the class sniggled.

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