Crystal Caves by Sebastien SWW

I stared around at the marvellous things surrounding me. The cave was immense. A damp smell lingered in the air. Massive crystals of all colours and sizes glinted like glass in the beam of the torch. They had intricate lines of darker crystal running through them like veins. Some even had insects, preserved in their depths for thousands of years. On the roof, there were stalactites as long as an elephant is tall. Protruding from the roof, the stalactites resembled ancient stone swords. In the center of the cave, there was a huge lake.

In the middle of the lake there was a large rocky island, but it was barely visible because of the thick mist surrounding it like a blanket. The water was incredibly clear but it was so deep that I could not see the bottom. In the shallower parts, I could see reefs swarming with life.

CLANG! The sound of a stone moving and bashing against a crystal cut through the silence like a knife. With a jolt of adrenaline, I darted behind a pure gold crystal, the cold surface pressed against my back…

5 Responses to “Crystal Caves by Sebastien SWW”

  1. I love your description and detail.

  2. Well done Sebastien, and good job for remembering your paragraph’s

  3. Wow I love the detail, especially the bit where it says The cave was immense.
    Does the island have a name?
    Maybe next time you could say if the lake/island has a name!

  4. WOW…super good. i really liked the part were it says the cave was immense.

  5. 1 I like the discription
    2 Where did you get the idea from?
    3 You could make it a bit longer

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