In the classroom

Dylan came in early at school,Janae came in two minutes later.

Dylan and Janae are best friends , but when they got into class their teacher told them that they were going to be separated.Dylan and Janae fell in shock that they were not going to be together.

Janae is very sporty and Dylan is more of a singer. They maybe different but they are best friends for ever.

So when they found out that they were going to be separated obviously it didn’t go as plan.

Then they strolled out of school with a frown on their face. They didn’t even talk to each other after having that happen to them.

They weren’t happy at all . The teachers had a big chat and decided that Dylan and Janae could be in the same class. Dylan and Janae felt the happiest of all. So they threw their teacher a party. Miss Greene felt so happy and proud.

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