Late My First……….Aisha

Charli ,a girl who was always on time, ran into the elevator as her red,silky dress fluttered on her thighs.She was late!Her first training lesson was a bummer.She wanted to make a good first impression on her teacher but she knew it would be a bad one.

‘Oh no, I am late,’Charli whispered to her best friend.’By the way, where is the teacher?’

‘She is in the reception shouting at a late Junior Doctor.’Chloe whispered

‘Oh no I am in for trouble.’Charli whispered regrettingly 


‘My name is Mrs Rachit,’ she exclaimed.

‘Good Morning Mrs Rachit.’the training class said.

‘Charli you are late I am assuming,’Mrs Rachit creaked in a stern way.

‘I am so sorry Mrs Rachit,’Charli pleaded.

‘If you dare to be late again you will see me in your nightmares!’Mrs Rachit snarled.


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  1. Nice poem Aisha

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