Lila’s and Biggy’s Day

Lila was shy girl and she was 10 years old. Biggy was a brave boy,he was 11 years old and had a lot of friends compared to his sister Lila. They walked to school in a good mood but they were a bit late for school. “Sorry we are late”they mumbled to Mr Chris which was there teacher. Biggy and Lila missed the beginning of the maths lesson.

At playtime,Lila would sit on a bench and read a book while Biggy would play with all his friends. Biggy was never bored and Lila was. When playtime was over they scuttled to class. There next lesson was english they were both so excited.

By the time it was lunchtime,Lila and Biggy were doing what they usually do. When Lila suddenly found a boy who had the same book as her.Lila and the boy were friends.His name was Jeremy. They were both excited to meet each other.


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