Mr Linger

November 9th

Mr Linger walks into our classroom, he has a picky pong, straight from his neck and armpits; a long bushy beard, stuffed with last night’s leftovers, and a beady glass eye. He hasn’t washed in 2 weeks now, i can tell, he’s called Mr Linger for a reason! He says “Good morning class.” in his monotone voice, we say “Good morning Mr Linger.” and Martin coughed in a way that we knew it was fake, he hated school and always wanted to fake being sick to get out of it. I zoned out and couldn’t hear what Mr Linger was talking about, but i heard ‘Early Break and Lunch’. YES!! This is Greg signing out for now!

One Response to “Mr Linger”

  1. Realy like it but could add more to it. could you write a mr linger tow and add more action.

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