Amy attentively listened to the teacher seeping in everything she was being taught, she was one of the bright students. Oliver on the other hand wasn’t as enthusiastic as Amy about learning, he tended to be quite disruptive and lose focus in lessons, well that’s what his teachers said. He didn’t think so. At that particular  moment he was daydreaming about what he will be on the menu for school dinners should I have bangers and mash,or pasta. He was abruptly brought back to the lesson by his teacher Mr Barley.  “Oliver Thorn”,he bellowed, his sea blue eyes focusing on Oliver, as if peering into his very soul, “are you even  listening to what I am saying.?”

“Ummm.. Yes sir , replied Oliver pretending to be writing notes in his workbook,the harder he wrote the more smudges he made until his page was filed of scribbles.

“Oi Amy be a mate and show me what you got for ya answers.”

“Fine”, Amy said sighing , “but next time do your own work and stop using me.”


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