Storm stirs up trouble

Jade peered in the class ,  opened the door and sneaked in. The moment she sat down everyone turned there heads at her. “Sorry I’m late !” Jade muttered nervously putting her hoodie up to not see her face. After, she frantically took her pencil and notebook to catch up with the lesson.

Five minutes later, Storm strutted into the class like she owns the school dragging her bag behind her. She sat down in her seat and immediately started to swing on her chair. ” Hey Miss! I know I’m late but it’s not my fault my alarm clock didn’t wake me up!” She causally mentioned. Then, Storm began to chew something…something pink , suddenly POP! chewing gum popped out of her mouth. ” Miss Storm has chewing gum in her mouth!” a child moaned at the teacher, the tired teacher did not care and lazily wrote some math’s equations on the board.

2 Responses to “Storm stirs up trouble”

  1. I love that you brought in a couple characters it made the story interesting and the vocabulary was amazing.

  2. Hey I love everything about this. Where did you get the name storm from? Can you add some more characters next time.

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