The cinema

Maddison was at the cinema until she perceived that her friend charlotte wasn’t there and she wondered what was going on and where she was. As the movie was playing, she turned her phone on, went on messages and started to text her. Maddison texted charlotte and said ” Where are you?” and she replied that she was with her mum getting ready So I said ” The movie started already” Then she responded ” ok I will be there in about 5 minutes bye” so I turned my phone off. As 5 minutes past, a girl walked in and she recognised her it was the school bully Courtney with her friend Jade. At that very moment, charlotte walked in and madison was so happy that she ran over to her and shrieked quietly. we went out to buy popcorn, two slushies and ice-cream and as we did I asked her why she took so long and she said that the car dilapidated. As we barged in, someone took her seat so they had to sit a seat away from caitlin and jade until she decided to irritate us so Madison and Charlotte came up with a plan. Would it work?. Well were about to find out.

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