The Haunting Of Susan

Roxy was sat in the music room playing her trumpet for her friends. All of a sudden they saw a tall figure slip in through the door with a hood over their head and a murderous smile. Then the figure in its deep deadly voice said “I’m the new transfer student” lifting up her hood showing her wide eyes “…Susan, Susan R”  Roxy and her friends stood staring at the giant  girl, randomly burst into laughter and walked out.

Susan was confused so she went out to find her locker, it was next to Roxy’s when she was putting her stuff away she noticed Roxy talking about Susan behind her back..literally. She tapped Roxy and said “I’ll hunt you down if your talk about me like that again” staring into Roxy’s soul.

During the next couple of days Susan has been following Roxy and by the next week she knew Roxy’s address her family’s secrets and her bank number. The week after, Roxy went missing. Her corpse  was found several days later in Susan’s basement with many other dead people including Susan who had hung herself.

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