The Pantomime-Olivia SWW

The lights dimmed, the audience ready, the show began. Poppy red velvet curtains hung down before the wooden creaking stage, being levered away seconds later. Comfortably, skipping on to the stage little dancers in all types of colour, smiling widely, performed.

Alex loved the pantomime and he was already standing up clapping. “This is brilliant!” he whispered to himself. His eyes twinkled in the dark. Two buckets of his mum’s famous popcorn sat on his lap jiggling around as Alex jumped in his seat.

Crash, the door broke! “Sorry I’m late Mrs. Wilson!” a chirpy little voice echoed as everyone turned round. “Mum took a wrong turning.” Zack grinned cheekily. His unbrushed hair bouncing as he ran to his seat next to Alex, taking a handful of popcorn on the way. Head in hands Mrs. Wilson beckoned for the show to carry on.

One Response to “The Pantomime-Olivia SWW”

  1. I lovely piece of writing Olivia. I would particularly liked the opening where you created quite a lot of atmosphere in describing the setting. I enjoyed the differences between the two characters that you created and I could just imagine the poor teacher at the end with her head in her hands hoping that the show would go on,

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