The Park by Maggie SWW

Most of the year 6s were already at the park as Isla carefully unlatched the gate and crept up to them. ”Sorry I’m later than I thought I’d be,” she explained quietly to Sam, ”Gran made me do my homework after lunch, and It took longer than I thought,” Luckily, nobody else noticed that she was late.

A while later, just as the seven of them had reached the swings, Roger, the last of year 6, strolled in, tossed his satchel on the wood shavings and pushed Isla off her swing, and made himself comfortable. ”How’s it going, guys?” he loudly interrupted our quiet conversation, ”My dad just bought me a mobile phone – the newest one,” he bragged.

For the rest of that Sunday afternoon, Isla and her other classmates played at the other side of the park, politely ignoring Roger and his constant boasting. As the day droned on, people gradually left the park and went home.

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