The school problem.

The school problem.

Matt opened the door and slipped inside. He crepted over to his desk and sat slowly down. “Sorry sir,” he mumbled, his face flushing pink. Looking at his toes, he tried to listen to the boringness of his teachers lesson but all he could think about was his mums face when he left.

Several moment’s later Sam proudly strode into the room and then purposely slammed the door. “I would of been here earlier but my bike got a puncture two mile’s before I got to school,” he lied. He loudly walked over to his desk and chucked his bag down so that purple liquid made a puddle on the floor.

Pretending, to be interested in sir’s lesson, Sam screwed up paper, got ready to throw and launched the at the teacher’s head. After a while of doing naughty stuff he started talking to himself trying to hatch a plan but what he didn’t know that Alex could hear every word.

One Response to “The school problem.”

  1. What an Amazing story! I love the difference between the characters! What’s good about it is that you never said they were different you suggested it by the character’s actions! Could you name another naughty thing Sam does? I suggest to describe more about Matt. But well done!

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