The school story

Ben opened the door and he slipped in the room and sat down behind the others . “Sorry , I’m late Ben exclaimed”, staring at his finger nails, trying not to catch anyone  staring at him . Mr bob bragged about fronted adverbials while frank chewed over what had happened. He could not forget his mum’s look on her face when they had slammed the big heavy door.

Tow hours later , Ben shoved the door open-the class room doors and walked in amble in and chucked his school bag down beside a empty space at the table . “ Morning Mr H”, he mumbled, interrupting the year 6 SPAG lesson with a grin .

Wrestled a notebook and pencil out of his bag, sat back and gave his best impression of being fascinated by mr Jeff explanation concerning the way of which adverbial were a ‘moveable feast’.

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