The “shy boy” by alfie

Ash fell on the door, an slipped into the room “s-sorry I’m late” he murmured staring at his jumper strings trying not to catch a stare. Mrs Fox carried on about brackets while ash glared over what happened. He found it hard not to forget the look on his mums face when they slammed the door.

A few moments later, Bryan kicked open the door ,chuckling and giggling his school bag beside him on the cold floor. “MORNING MRS F “ he shouted loudly disturbing the year 6 brackets lesson with a wide grin “I would of come earlier but I had to eat at kfc”

Bryan dragged a book and pen out of his school bag, sat down and gave his fake impression (as usual) of being fascinated my Mrs fox explanation wondering why brackets were ‘not used often’. Bryan didn’t care of what was being  said as he tried to remember the events of the morning. All he could think about was pranking a girl in his class; pouring a drink over Lisa love good.

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