The Space Station

That one person in the space station…

Jake arrived just on time for launch in his sparkly clean yellow space suit. He wore a worried face though, as he got caught trying to steal a cookie from the cookie jar that morning. He didn’t want anyone to notice him and make him feel embarrassed.

“SORRY I’M LATE!” yelled Axel, with his red space suit on, unzipped and unkempt, knocking into all the pipes and panels. He rushed off to the cafeteria, threw his bag down without a care and went to the vending machine. He bashed all buttons hoping for any chocolatey snack to come out. Everyone in the cafeteria sighed.

Jake caught Axels eye before slamming his head into his hands. With a mouthful of chocolate, Axel’s face lit up and he smiled at Jake “HEY FRIEND!” as he barged his way through the cafeteria over to Jake’s table.

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