The unforgettable school day

Hannah, snuck into her maths lesson and took a seat. Dave noticed Hannah sneaking in and immediately shot his hand in the air ‘’MISS HANNAH IS LATE SHE SNUCK IN……again!!’’ Miss Donna swivled round to see Hannah hiding behind her math book. Dave was smirking at Hannah with a face of evil ‘’HANNAH DETENTION NOW’’ Hannah got out of her chair and began to walk to the head’s office with her head down. As she came to the office door she gulped and was about to turn the handle when she heard talking coming from inside, she put her ear to the door and listened in. Dave was watching her as he asked to go to the bathroom , Dave was so evil he had been bullying Hannah for years and years Hannah thought she was dreaming for what she was hearing. “Yes Hannah can not proceed to keep missing valuable learning time!”said the headteacher “I’m afraid to say……… Hannah is expeled.” Hannah couldn’t breathe, she stood up and knocked on the door pretending not to have heard.

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