Haunted House

The day after they had saw the thing, Tom and Jerry woke in the middle of night and they went creeping across their flats floor to get outside.At the door they hesitated, they thought about what might happen…

10 minutes later, they finally got to the haunted house.This is where the two boys saw the silhouette.They saw that the gate had a lock, one of them spotted a alleyway.They went down the alleyway, surprisingly they found a letter it said (0163).So the boys sprinted back to the gate typing the code in but it kept saying incorrect.What was happening?Then the wind blew the paper away, it flipped the paper and then they realised it was a 9 not a 6.They typed the code in and the gate slowly opened!

They went inside and sat on the couch and waited to see the shadow.Soon their eyes drifted away to a deep sleep and dreamt about the shadow they saw.

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