The Abandoned Circus

Kate leaped down the skillet stairs making a huge crash, Where was she going? The huge, black Labrador gracefully trotted over to her with excitement Kate gave the Labrador a treat then left the house. She paused, silence filled the streets.

Half an hour later, Kate found herself entering the abandoned circus. She took a deep breath and started wandering off through the circus. It smelt rotten from the food that was left behind, Kate could taste the bitter flavour that called out her danger but she ignored it. The more she wandered the more the more spooky the circus got. The wood was rotting, the metal unicycles were rusty. This was the place she first seen the ginger haired clown doll. She waited all night and morning until she eventually slept.

Suddenly, Kate opened her hazel eyes. She could hear large foot steps charging about, spooky music got closer and closer until finally she realised she wasn’t alone. Kate his behind a seat, “get out!” Hissed a voice “Leave.” Yelled another. Kate cried and let out a shriek. She gasped: She had seen a huge shadow pass her. She raced out of the terrifying circus.

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