The Abandoned House

Slithering down the stairs Summer rolled over the first step in case it squeaked, when she finally came to the bottom she got up and brushed herself off. All that she could hear was the sound of footsteps which filled the house with shivers. Hoping to be let out the bird flew around her.


10 minutes later, Summer entered the old house. Summer shivered. All that she could see was old rotten wood that covered the floor. Was she safe? Summer could smell something it was moss that covered the walls. Bang! Bang! Summer heard something, there was a dangerous taste in the air.

Scared, Summer waited and waited to see if she could see the ghost again. Her eyes are slowly started to close. Boom! Summer woke with a start. Something was watching her. She listened nothing. Terrified, shocked, worried summer backed up into a corner. Who was it? A storm started to brew she ran into the into the room that was safe to get away from the red eyes in the background. Summer was breathing as heavy as a bulldog. She didn’t know what to do…

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