The Abandoned School

Aneleigh tiptoed down the creaky staircase and fell on the dusty oak floor. She ran and ran until she was out of breath. Aneleigh ran back into her garden and got her backpack that she had prepared. Aneleigh heard a faded little voice as she was walking along the path. Her heart was pounding.

It wasn’t long before Aneleigh entered the old dusty abandoned school. She heard the same little voice again but it was louder. Aneleigh thought it was coming from the school. She walked into the school and there were loads of burnt books and burnt plastic chairs all over the floor. The more she panicked the more she became scared.

It was here that she had first seen the magical stone that no one has ever seen before. Aneleigh shivered but not from the cold. Aneleigh  heard something or someone was creeping up and she curled up into a ball.

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