The barn

Five minutes later, she entered the murky abandoned farm yard. It was creepy and dusty she walked to the ruins of the old barn. It was damp there were cracks in walls and old saddle hanging on the moss and dusty hanger.

Content Lucy rested on a damp lifeless chilling hay bale. It was here that she had first seen the ghost of a horse then she slept dreaming of animals.

Later, she woke with a start. Somebody or something was creeping through the stables towards her. Tired, petrified and confused, Lucy watched the shadow between the stable doors. What was it? She bit her lip but not from bugs. For at that moment, she herd a panting noise and then a flash of brown fur. Lucy gasped!

With her dreams of animals behind her, Lucy began to sprint. The more shocking she became the more she ran. Damp wood wiped at her hair and puddles splashed Into her feet. She was sure she could hear someone sneaking after her, it’s paws splashing in the puddles. Someone breathing it was only when she reached the field that she stop and listen  nothing, quietness. It was the ate the Truth.


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