The Farm

Jogging quietly out of the house,Dan tried to be quiet but ran into the cat.The cat leaped around the drive way making a loud crunch on the gravel drive way so he ran past the cat.

Thirty minutes later,Dan entered the old farm grounds.Tall hay silos towered over head and sunlight peeked around the barn casting  beautiful shadows.It wasn’t long before he came to the decaying old barn next to the stale crops.Sunlight bounced off of the wet fence:it was a beautiful day.

Tired,Dan ,lay in some old hay and stared as the spiders spun its way across the dusty old roof.It was here he had first seen the skeleton of the the dead farmer.All after noon he waited till in the end he slept, dreaming of the spooky scary skeletons song.

later, he woke with a start.Somebody or something was above him.Tired,uneased and confused he looked around.But at that moment he heard a rattle then a foot bone appeared above one of the cracks in the roof.

With his bravery behind him, he began to run.The more agitated Dan became the more he could hear a rattle old wheel barrows hit his ankles and old dead tree branches whipped at his face.He was sure he could feel the chilling cold hand of the skeleton on his shoulder.

It was only when he crossed the threshold the rattle stopped and the hand disappeared he went home and slept for the rest of the day.

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