The golden egg

Creeping out the house, Kacey tried to be silent but awoke the dog. At the door she stopped, but all she could hear was the snoring , that filled the house with sleep. Begging to leave, Bella wound her way round her legs .


One hour later, she entered the dead animal farm. The lifeless wood pillared over head as the moon shone through the fence casting deadly shadows. It wasn’t long before she came to the ruins of the murky stable. Spider webs glitter in the moon light it was a Beautiful night.


Content, Kacey sat down on the bail watching bird flutter and horses run. It was here that she had first seen the golden egg. All night she waited, until in the end her eye closed dreaming of  the golden egg and dragons.

Later, she woke with a fright.somebody or something  had been watching her sleep.At end of the stable a silhouette was was creeping towards her. Frighted, tired and troubled Kacey watched in alarm. Cold sweat fell down her spine. For at that moment, she heard a stomp and seen a blue eye. Kacey screamed!


With dreams of dragons behind her she began to run. The more agitated she became the more she began to run.She Could hearsomething behind her,Feet stopped at the soil. Silence…


It was if running made her calm , she listened .nothing.  Silence. The farm had swollen its secret…


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