The old hotel

Running out of the house, Matt dodged the sleeping dog in case it barked. At the gate he paused but all he could hear was the silence that filled the house with sleep. Jumping over the fence the street cat walked casually past him.

One hundred and twenty minutes later, he reached the abandoned hotel. Mysterious pictures hung up and watched as the other sides pictures changed secretly. It wasn’t wrong before he came to the deserted ball room.

Content, Matt sat on the ball room stage and watched as the shadows on the walls waved at him. It was here that he had been looking for the magic guitar. He picked it up and a few minutes later he fell asleep dreaming of flying dogs.


Later, he woke with a start something or somebody was spying on him. What was it? He started to run and hit something and gasped in discussed.

Matt started to sprint and he could hear a sound following him. A, he went to hide the sound grew louder and louder and then he screamed and went back home.

He did not know that the monster and he jumped into bed and the monster was right behind him…

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