Fred and the watch

Fred stared out of the church window, noticing the rain bouncing off the tiles. He watched as the lightning helped the oncoming storm swallow Gastonvil hole. 

Fred trudged out to his Honda  Hybrid. “Scckk!”

 He turned the keys “Scckk!”

 “Not again” Fred moaned as the engine gave up on him.

In two hours he would take his car for an M.O.T yet it wouldn’t be two hours it would be two minutes.

 He trekked towards the closest bus-stop. He watched as the monstrosity of a bus pulled up.


“54 queens street please,” said Fred politely as he handed the bus driver £1.50. 

“ping” went the till as the bus driver placed down the cash. Suddenly Fred saw something, he stared under the chair at the glistening thing. He walked over to the light. It was a leather black analog watch. In the flash of lightning it vanished. He waited and waited and then at that moment the watched slapped him across the face and fell to the floor he picked it up and began examining it. The bus stopped. He looked out the window to find himself at 54 queens street. This must be his stop.

He got off and ran inside “honey I’m home” called Fred.

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