Suspense writing.


Alex got ready to go out, he wanted to go get some Doritos and coca-cola from the shop. He was hungry and bored. His housekeeper ,Jack, told him to be quick. “It’s too late for you to stay out long,” she said. “Ok,” he replied.

 As he went outside he noticed something. Thunder cracked over his head. He wondered what the something was. Curiosity got the better of him, he walked towards it, crouched next to it and realised it was a torch? Why was a torch here? He then noticed there was a man on the other side. “Is this yours?” He shouted at him. The man ignored him so he shrugged and took it to help him see. 

While shining the torch on the floor he then noticed 2 small little lights. He decided to ignore them but then he heard a smash and looked and his best friend Tom was running towards him.”What are you doing?” asked Tom. “I’m looking at these strange lights, what on Earth are you doing jumping out a window?” replied Alex.

“I was really bored,” said Tom “Can I come with you,”

“Yes you can, but what do you think these lights are?”

“What lights? Can we go to the shop now please I’m getting bored.”


They both walked off but suddenly Tom disappeared. “TOM? WHERE DID YOU GO” Shouted Alex. The lights appeared but this time lots and lots of them and they were forming words. Find him –> it was pointing towards the forest. People had got lost in there.

A few minutes he was in the forest. He had to save his friend. He sprinted towards the forest. He had been learning jujitsu for a year so he could protect himself. He went in the forest looking around and shouting “TOM!?” No reply. 

He noticed more lights and looked at them again. It was then that he realised that they weren’t lights ,THEY WERE EYES!? 

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