The Headset By Natasha

As the rain pounded on the window, Korra realised that she would have to venture out. She puffed up the hood on her double coat, did the zip and slung her bag over her shoulder. Korra undid the chain and opened it. Wet damp air hit her face like the speed of light. 

She noticed a brown letter sticking out of the letterbox. Korra pulled it out. “It probably is the water bill,” she thought to herself. She pulled the piece of paper out and started to read.

“To discover the truth, come to Lancashire street, the abandoned house.

By ???”

“This is probably a stupid prank their playing on me.” Korra started to walk to her Honda hybrid car, she drove her Honda hybrid car to St Bills college. She decided to go after school.

When Korra finally arrived, there was a sign on the door. “A technical difficulty with lights. No school for the day.”

Since there was no school she should go to the Abandoned house.

Trees loomed over her, the abandoned house was in sight. Cautiously, she entered. A broken table with a VR headset with a piece of paper. Korra grabbed them both off the table and dashed to her car. She read the piece of paper.

“You came, put on the V.R headset to reveal the truth.

By ???”

Korra put on the headset.

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