The manor by Lilly

It was a stormy night, James and Jessie were looking for a comfy place to rest. Little did they know there was no such place for miles.”J-James where are w-w-we?” Jessie asked. “I don’t know Jessie but we need to find a place soon, we’ll freeze otherwise,” James replied cold out of his mind. 

They kept going for thirty minutes, until they found a large manor with something’s silhouette in one of the top windows. When they got to the doors they swung open. Looking through the rooms Jessie went up the stairs and saw two ruby eyes among the various boxes. “JAAAaaames…!” Jessie screamed as she fainted. 

Running up the stairs, James saw two ruby eyes and a cat looking at him and pointing to an oval coin made of silver. As the cat did this the eyes moved to the coin, James saw its body, IT WAS A WEREWOLF! James ran to the coin grabbed it and slapped the monster with it! The monster let out a blood curdling scream as its fur burned with silver flames around the place he slapped it.

The werewolf went up in the silver flames, when they died down a silver wolf cub with blood red eyes sat there looking at James hopefully. The cub noticed Jessie, walked over and licked her gently, Jessie woke up and cuddled the wolf. The cat came in and stared menacingly at James who gave it the silver coin.

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