The mystery mill.

As Mica walked up the old mills Spiral staircase, she saw two oak doors. She stayed waiting.Listening if anyone was in the rooms. She tried to figure out if someone or something was in the rooms. She finally built up the courage to pick one of the doors to go in. She first looked at the one to the left of her. She looked the the silver, dusty doorknob it had a handprint on it. Thats when she realised that someone had been in that room recently.


She had been standing there for five minutes walking up and down from one door to another. She knew her mum will want her back home for tea soon because it was getting dark outside. So she got her bag and walked to the door. She placed her hand on the doorknob and twisted to the left. It opened. Dust fell out of the fireplace and made the whole room fill with dust. * cough cough cough* She tried to walk in but the dust was to strong. 


Mica ran outside leave the old mills door open. All she could see was the dust rushing out of the door. After a while there was only a little bit of bust left but it was on the floor now. She stepped in for the last time and walked up the spiral staircase and walked into the room and and she saw a a message in a bottle until… Her phone started buzzing in her bag. She knew it was going to be her mum telling her she needs to come home. Although she wanted to take the bottle she left it there. She ran out and left the door open behind her.

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