The scary night at the classroom by Zac


As the thunder rumbled the hard rain sounded  like it is firing  it self down. Against the windows and the walls suddenly the lights cut out. Mr Clark ran  to the light switch there was no point the light switch was hanging on on blue line and a red. The sound of something scraping across the wall , Mr Clark turned around slowly with fear. There was nothing there but 5 lines of scraped wall it had Split the fire alarm lines apart.

The back free likes flickered Mr Clark started to think , he was losing his marbles. He turned around there was a bloody scream Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! HELP MEEEEE there was a big thud. There was another thud it sounded like something dropped out out someone’s hand. Sssssss scrape scrape someone was walking up the stairs.

Stomp stomp stomp!!! There was something coming closer and closer the stomp’s got louder and louder . Mr Clark could see his bag floating in the air. Then the bag had thrown through the air. Mr Clark only just ducked just in time the bag went through the window. He sat crouched down and cried Mr Clark is one tough man but this could scare the death out of someone. It could probably scare the world’s strongest man to run through the glass yellow school door but thats exactly what Mr Clark did and ran to his car and he drove home still crying.

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