Wait? What?- By Martha

Thud, thud, thud. Jake noticed a leak next to the window. Realising there was a storm. Starring out of it. His left hand scrambled around for the phone. Finally Jake thought. Pressing in the number 693,4577,820. 

It rang, fiery sparks escaped from the seem. A flush of panic ran through his head he look up. Now aware of multiple leaks but then. Wait? What? The holes in the roof, they were perfectly circular. 

Realising that he was in the bottom floor of the house ran up trying to figure out what room it was in. There was one room left tip toeing creeeeeeek he opened the door click the light flickered but eventually left Jake in utter darkness. There were two lights wait no they were eyes Jake screamed.

He woke up in his bed. Wait? What?. He ran down the stairs there were no holes no damp floors running back to his room the light worked perfectly. It was just a dream. Going down the stairs he looked at the roof laughing to himself. Wait? What? There were circular marks in the ceiling.

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