Andy and Robby

Andy barged into the classroom door and knocked someone’s books down then he sat down in his seat.When he sat down, he was mad because of something that had happened on the way to school.The teacher didn’t ask what was wrong because he was always in a mood so she did not bother, but when she saw how mad he was she went to go and ask him. When she asked him he whispered what had happened, she was shocked sad she could not believe it but he said he was ok.

Robby skipped happily into the classroom door and helped the person pick up the books Andy had knocked out of her hands, then he sat down and got ready like get his water bottle,his pencil and book.When the teacher gave him a reward nearly every day, he was so proud of his reward board at home he had so many stickers he could not even count how much he had.

Robby and Andy really didn’t get along like once Andy had knocked his lunch out his hands,he had never forgot that day.They hate it when they get Paired together.They sometimes get along but then it does not end well.

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