Best spiders!!!

In the spidey workshop,Miles heard a hard CREEK and then some screeming from a risky drain.                       But his spidey sence could’nt help it so he burst through the weak drain and there he was…                             His arch- enemy, Venom a mutant beast that is made of Toxic Venom from Toxicgreengoo and has a red long tongue in addition his teeth are as pointy as fifty bread knives.                                                                So Miles got his spidey suit and spun his web and said to himself “THIS guy is gonna get spun in his own web”! So Miles charged at “Venom”and super kicked him in the head,keep in mind this guy is massive.        Unfortunately,Venom golped Miles into his chubby mouth.But miles did’nt care so he used his tornado pull and made him desintergrait like a bisciut when you bite the middle                                                                                                                                 THE END!!!


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