Once a guy called Brutus went to deliver a newspaper to the dead mans forest.He never heard of this unknown place. He called the person or thing and asked where’s the location.

Find the map the thing said find it Brutus how do you know my name the thing hung up on him.He was furious he thought he might as well find the map it took him an hour to find the map.

He had found a map leading directly in front of him.He found dead mans forest.It had dead trees and ever green trees but there was a old house with a broken roof .

It had rocks being consumed by moss and the old house was wrecked.He saw everything being consumed soon he was consumed but soon the world would be consumed.

Last thing he saw was the dead mans forest and that’s why it’s called dead mans forest.The thing came out of the old house and laughed like a monkey. The thing was not just a thing he was a clown.

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