Character by Joshua & Kallum

Daniel walked into the workhouse shaking with terror. It was late so he had to go straight to the dormitory. Daniel tossed and turned, rolled and shuffled. Eventually, he fell asleep. The next morning, Daniel shuffled down to where he had to have breakfast. He had bread and broth…again. He asked himself. “Do I have to eat this vile stuff?” There was a boy sitting next to him. He was called Ben. Ben was scoffing his bread down his throat. 


Daniel missed his mum and dad and his sister. Tears came out of Daniel’s eyes but the tears stopped coming out of his eyes. He carried on working. Ben was sitting next to Daniel. They didn’t dare to speak to each other. A couple of hours later, Daniel was walking to the dormitory. He tossed and turned, rolled and shuffled, like the first night he was at the revolting workhouse. Daniel opened his eyes and couldn’t go back to sleep. It was 12:00 am. Somehow Daniel fell asleep as soon as he closed his eyes.


It was the next morning. Daniel and all the other children were walking, silently down the steps to have breakfast.  Daniel was trembling. When Daniel got to the food hall, he sat down. As soon as he finished his broth, a hand SHOT and took his bread. Daniel said in his head “Is this really happening to me?”    

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