Charlie sww bad and good people

The clock struck five minuets past nine Mr. Lamp started to teach like he dose about water William’s creep in to his seat , grabbed his notebook and whispered ”sorry Mr. Lamp .” Mr. Lamp replied ” that’s ok can you go and wash your hands ,” ”yes I can” replied William. All of a sudden Draven jump in to class Saying ” hello Mr. L”. Mr. lamp said ” just sit down”. ”When” said Draven ” now and go and wash your hands ” Mr. Lamp said with rage. ”ok but you just said sit down. moaned Daven. Mr. L replied ” just go and was your hands” ” Where” said Draven ” in the priceable office” said Mr. Lamp ” But ” said Draven ” no but’ s” yelled Mr. lamp.

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  1. Great effort here Charlie! You lost the format when pasting in, remember we said you have to check your format ie paragraphs and sentences etc. We have a few spelling mistakes you could pick out if you read back over. I like that the clock struck 5 minutes past nine – this leads us to know the pupil is late without saying it. Creative! Well done. I’d suggest being careful using too much speech in creative writing as it can become a dialogue and we want creative suspense. Keep going Charlie! I can’t wait to see the next bit of writing that you do!

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