Contrasted characters by Arron

Dean barged into the door as loud as he could trying to make all of his friends laugh. Dean tossed his bag on to his desk with a great big thud. The teacher said, “Why are you late Dean?” He said, “Sorry I was too busy playing with my friends than being in this bad place!.” he exclaimed. 

At a slow pace, Elliot opened the door as slow as he could so no one could hear him coming through. He gently strode to his desk but everybody was too busy laughing at Dean, so he felt a little bit better. The teacher said to Elliot, “Why are you late this morning?.” He nervously said with a red face, “Sorry I missed the bus to school to I had to walk I’m sorry miss.”

Dean furiously marched up to Elliot because he was a lot smarter than him and said, “You are such a nerd and you’re just really annoying.”Dean just carried on making fun of Elliot until he eventually cried and dean had a small grin and walked away happily.

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