Contrasting Characters

“Why hello there!” Tina cried as she twirled her way into the classroom. She slung her bag onto her peg and began to juggle her water bottle and stationary pack. Everyone gawped as Mr Higgins, clearly annoyed, told her to sit down. She slumped into her seat, disappointed that the fun was ruined.

A moment later, Lilly – who sat next to Tina – was asked to answer a question. Turning bright pink, Lilly whispered an answer which Tina blurted out so everyone could hear.”Well done!” Mr Higgins exclaimed, knowing Lilly and Tina’s tactic.

“Why don’t you ever answer yourself?” Billy teased. His friends, who were more like followers, giggled hysterically. “Shut up!” Tina barked. “That’s enough,” Mr Higgins said calmly but Billy still glared menacingly at Lilly whenever he got the chance.

One Response to “Contrasting Characters”

  1. I love this but why is it called contrasting characters?

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