Contrasting characters

Junior ran into the classroom “Sorry I’m late Mr Clark,” he explained. “I was too busy grabbing my homework” The teacher didn’t look very convinced. Junior sat on his chair and tucked it into his desk. Then he took all his things out of his bag and started to read like the rest of the year 6 class. He looked at his friend with a sharp grin. Then he took a sip of his blue water bottle.

Trying not to be noticed , Isobella slowly took little steps into the classroom and didn’t say a word she slowly sat on her chair staring at her toes and playing with her fingers. Mr Clark looked confused and suspected that something was wrong as usually she was such a loud and bubbly student. Her hair was all knotted and her hood had all holes in it It was wet. Although it was sunny outside. She rested her head on her head and began to read like the rest of the confused class.

Junior sarcastically said ,” Are you ok Isobella?” The poor girl frowned and ignored Junior. He walked away and Isobella was relieved. Mr Clark started to speak but she had no idea what he was saying. She was daydreaming about what happened before but couldn’t dare to tell anyone what would happen. She would never know.

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