Contrasting characters

James crept into the classroom careful for Mr Pi the maths teacher not to see him. 

“Sorry I’m late,” he mumbled as he slumped into the plastic chair which was to small for him. He waited for Mr Pi to tell him that he would make the time up in detention at lunch, yet it never came as Mr Pi just kept blabbering on about algebra. 

Ki slammed the door open making it nearly fall of its hinges. As he marched into the classroom, “Sorry i’m late,” He bellowed. He threw his bag down on the floor were the empty space was next to James.

” Hurghmph,” Ki Yelled as he threw himself into the chair nearly knocking Madison over. 

Ki stole a pencil from Madison’s table and wrestled a notebook from his bag. He began scribbling away in his note book waiting, waiting, waiting for the call for Mr Pi to tell him he was in detention. But when he turned around he just humphed and stared at Ki while Martha absorbed every word in like a sponge.

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