Contrasting characters by Lenny

Gerry opened the class door and said, “How’s everyone feeling?” Everyone exclaimed, “GOOD THANK YOU!” He went and hung his coat up gently so he didn’t make a sound. He sat down and Mr Greenwood then told him what he was supposed to be doing.

A moment later, Tim barged open the door and shouted, “YOU GUYS ARE GETTING BULLIED TODAY!” No one took any notice because he says that everyday, but he never does. Mr Greenwood then asked politely, “Why are you late?” Tim then went up to Mr Greenwood’s ear and shouted, “I WAS BEATING UP MY BROTHER!” Mr Greenwood then said politely, “You’re missing all your play!” He didn’t seem to care.

Tim barged into the cloakroom and chucked his jacket on the damp, manky old floor. He then yanked his pencil out of his pencil case. He pretended that he was listening, but really he was daydreaming. Gerry was listening very carefully because he loved maths. Gerry ended up getting everything correct, but Tim got everything wrong. Mr Greenwood was very proud with Gerry. Mr Greenwood got really angry with Tim for getting everything incorrect.

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