Escaping the workhouse

Jim crawled out of his hiding place and Rick (the guardian) loomed over him. Threateningly, he held his cane in his hand ready to slam it down. In the distance, Jim heard screaming and screeching and slamming. When it was over he could see a little boy in the yard sitting on a wooden bench sobbing tearfully and he was drenched in tears as if there was a giant dark, black rain cloud over his head instantly shaming him. Jim sat next to him to cheer him up and get him back up on his feet. Jim became his only friend. The little boy spoke and mentioned that his name was Josh.  Rick (the guardian) came over to them and shouted at them screaming to get inside and  start working. The next day, Jim and Josh were planning their escape. To their surprise, Rick was still fast asleep. They had just about enough time to make their move and escape. They sprinted to the gate. Sweat poured down their faces like rain. Their hearts were beating faster than ever. But when they got to the gate Rick was waiting for them!

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