EYES By the Epic SFD Student

Eyes all he could see was eyes in the mirrors so he decided not to as it only occurred yesterday after that incident… Joe didn’t know if he was going insane or if he was alright and it was just a nightmare but.. this didn’t feel like a nightmare it feels real, He has to find help or otherwise he might pass it down or worse but he needed to find solutions, he tried medicine, treatment, but no doctor could help him. Then the menacing Shadow arrived “uh oh” he whispered.

2 Responses to “EYES By the Epic SFD Student”

  1. Good use of commas.
    Make sure you check your writing to make it ominous.

  2. Micah and maniche sfd November 26, 2020 at 10:42 am

    Good use of ellipse.
    What happened yesterday?
    Remember to use full stops when needed and comas.

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