Finding Rex by Samuil

John stumbled to the Oak Wood forest, as he walked across the Oak Woods, he saw a sign saying danger! Do not enter! John didn’t care about it as he was helping Mr. Sami find Rex. John took a deep breath, he entered and as he walked further he saw footprints that lead to the washing ponds. John stumbled to the washing ponds and he thought Rex had stole the greatest swim suit and had swam in the deep ends of the washing ponds. John had nothing to do so he called one of the people that would help him catch Rex.

John called one of the people that helped him and they said they will delivery our greatest swim suits. John saw a truck and it opened up and there was a package, John opened it up and saw it so he put it on and swam as fast as he could down in the lakes deep ends of the washing lakes. John swam further down and saw Rex but she didn’t see him so John crept up on Rex. Rex heard a swimming noise so she swam as quickly up in the shore. Rex was the greatest criminal and she had a business and it was to make great items but soon it had stopped as Rex used the items and destroyed bits of the worlds things.

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