Ghosts in the house

One day,a girl named Ela went on a walk. On that walk she could hear people telling her to go inside the haunted house on brook lane.The house is known to be full of rusty and mouldy things.She walked into the house and tiptoed up the stairs.On the second floor,there was an unusual door.It was covered in mud.She crept up to the third room and grabbed a brass key.She opened the door and she panicked because she could hear  the pipes gurgling,the floor creaking,the windows opening and the fire cracking.She could see an ancient window,a fire place,a dusty floor and cracked walls.She started to panic again because she could here foot steps booming and banging.What was it?Some kind of monster!Just then the fire lit up …The door creaked open and the fire blew out…Ela got her phone out to ring her mum until she realised that she didn’t have any internet.She nelt down on the floor and drifted of to sleep.

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