Interrupting (Niamh+Reece)

Bobby pushed the tall, wooden door and tip toed to his seat. “Sorry, I’m late.” Bobby muttered.Mr Cray carried on boring the class with fractions while Bobby remembered that her forgot his best piece of homework at home.”I hope no one reminds him because I don’t want to be more embarrassed.” Bobby whispered to him self.

About 15 minute’s later Barry entered the class just as everyone settled down. ” Are you alright Mr Cray how’s you day bin so far.”Barry shouted across the class.  As he shoved his backpack on one chair and he sat on the other one Mr Cray answered with”It’s bin fine now settle down as you just interrupted my class.”

Barry launched his pen and pad out of his bag and tried his hardest to look interested in Mr Crays class. Mr Crays explanation on fractions wasn’t clear enough for Bobby as he was thinking about his homework that he forgot and Barry was trying to throwing paper into the paper sack. Larry collected every bit of information as he new there was a test about to be announced.


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