– James and Esmee – Salesbury

William stumbled into the classroom and went over to an empty seat. “Sorry that I’m late.” he muttered. He sat down and opened his maths book which had been laid on his desk, and wrote down the date and learning objective. He didn’t dare look anyone in the eye, he wouldn’t be able to live it down. Mr. Snow taught fractions while he reflected on the terrible moments when he stumbled out of bed. He recalled about how he had shouted at his mother and they had argued.

Micheal then walked into the classroom as if he wasn’t late. “Good morning Mr. Snow.” he exclaimed, walking over to his seat. “The traffic was abhorrent.” he continued. He lazily sat down and opened his book, writing down his learning objective and date. Micheal then chewed the end of his pencil. Mr. Snow was blabbering on about fractions even more than before. Why do I have to learn all this rubbish? he thought. But things were about to get worse. An angry woman barged through the door, “William!” she yelled…

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